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Bitcoin – An Introduction to Bitcoin Bitcoins – the currency which has been running waves across the world. And why shouldn’t it? It has been a long time since any revolutionary concept has come about in regards to...

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Shopping With Bitcoin

If you think that digital currency acceptance is still far into the future, then think again! The popularity of being able to use a virtual currency that is fast, secure and private is always growing and is growing quickly. From...

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What’s A Faucet?

Bitcoin faucets are websites where you can get free Bitcoins. To use a faucet, you will need: A Bitcoin address A Bitcoin wallet Usage Users will visit the website and enter their Bitcoin address into a form. They will be...

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History of Bitcoin

In the timeline below you will be presented with the History of Bitcoin. This timeline shows the most important events in Bitcoins history from the creation of the cryptocurrency to its latest achievement. Starting in 2007 with...

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