“The use case for Monero, unlike Bitcoin transparent and immutable blockchain, is to give anonymity to some transactions. Monero is a currency that cannot be traced, hiding addresses, balances, and transactions…”


Coin Name: Monero
Token: XMR
Birth of project: 2014
Project Status: Active
Circulating Supply: 15,823,914 XMR
Validation: Proof-of-Work

Official Links

Official website: https://getmonero.org/
Official Wallet: https://getmonero.org/downloads/
Explorer: https://moneroblocks.info/
Other: https://getmonero.org/resources/roadmap/

Introduction to Monero (XMR)

Monero is a privacy coin originally created with the name of BitMonero, in 2014. It’s a fork of Bytecoin, a coin that developed the Cryptonote protocol. The issue with Bytecoin that lead to the Monero fork was the premine of 82% of that coin, making the distribution unfair, and creating ground for the appearance of a more fair alternative, Monero.

The use case for Monero, unlike Bitcoin transparent and immutable blockchain, is to give anonymity to some transactions. Monero is a currency that cannot be traced, hiding addresses, balances, and transactions.

Monero is recognized as the best privacy coin, it’s digital money which development was funded by donations made by the community. More and more people want their money private from banks and governments, sometimes even their families, and Monero gives an answer to that, in terms of full privacy.

The transactions made by Monero use a technology with the name of ring signatures. Ring signatures mix the transactions in a way that makes impossible to know who owns which addresses. Monero also has Stealth addresses that hide balances, so everything is kept private.

Digging deeper into Monero’s tech we find “spend a key” and “view a key”, which are the ways to spend funds and to make public certain transactions, respectively. Companies need to be transparent with their finances and transactions, so this is where the view a key option is particularly helpful, for cases where finances need to be audited or in tax related situations.

It’s the best of two worlds, as finances are kept private, but upon request access is granted to the relevant parts. Security is achieved, as some transactions can be kept private, for a number of reasons that are not illicit, like private governmental or business transactions, or simply being private because of legal concerns.

The Monero team has seven people, but many contributors that contribute to the scheduled updates and information Monero gives to their community.

If the pros for Monero are obvious, and include anonymity and being impossible to trace, there are some cons too, namely the fact that governments can attack it for this same reason, and eventually make it illegal because of eventual money laundering.

This is a brief introduction to Monero, but if you want to know more about the coin, what people are saying about it, technical details, jump right in any of the links we present below. They are well worth reading before investing!


Price History
Feb 19, 2018: $299.70
Jan 19, 2018: $314.13
Dec 19, 2017: $381.07
Nov 19, 2017: $130.72


  1. jaymish

    All the choices out here in terms of crypto and financial transactions facilitated by blockchain are crazy. I can’t choose anymore. The privacy angel of XMR is much touted by the advertisement but isn’t it the same as bitcoin. Sounds the same as mining bitcoin.The lines are blurring a bit here!The output and input explanation is a bit confusing and I still think that this is a completed version of a bitcoin or any other crypto transaction.

    • avsf

      That is why this is just a brief introduction @jaymish. If this is something that really interest you, you need to read more, investigate further. You can also place any questions you might have here we will be glad to answer. 🙂 Monero is a privacy coin, unlike Bitcoin, I hope at least that become clear to you.

  2. Vinaya

    prior to bumping on this thread, I had never heard of Monero. In order to find out more about this crypto currency, I did a qick google search and discovered that is was established in 2014. I heard about bitcoins in 2014. It took me 5 years to hear about botcoin, therefore, it is not surprising that I did not know about Monero. I also checked the value. It stands at $203. I think it must be a currency worth investing.

  3. avsf

    Botcoin is a typo right @Vinaya?

    Don’t judge an asset by its price, nothing like seeing the market cap to get an idea of how much a coin might worth.

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