Why Bitcoin??

We Answer: Why Bitcoin? – Who to follow & People of the industry.

Below you will find my recommendations for who you should follow in crypto. These people will keep you informed and up to date with everything you need to know within the crypto space. These are my top picks and who I personally follow to stay up to date with the latest crypto news and updates. 

Ivan Liljeqvist

You can find Ivan on his personal website every morning at 8 AM central European time (11 am on Weekends). He does a full crypto show live on his website 7 days a week, or you can find the full video on YouTube uploaded daily for you to watch at your own convenience. Ivan is the host of his own show, ‘Ivan On Tech’ where he covers all things crypto related each and everyday. Each show is packed with information, and this is how I personally start my day.

Aside from Ivans podcast, he offers full ‘blockchain academy’ courses where he teaches blockchain programming from scratch. I am also a member here and highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn more about bitcoin, blockchain, or programming. Ivan has been listed in Forbes, and has won the “Digital Educator of The Year” award. He is a wealth of knowledge and a must follow for anyone serious about learning crypto.

YouTube: youtube.com/IvanonTech
Twitter: @IvanOnTech
Website: ivanontech.com

Raoul Pal

Investment Strategist and Economic Historian, Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal is widely respected in the world of finance. As a Former hedge fund manager who retired at 36, Raoul was most recently quoted saying “It May Not Be Worth Owning Any Asset Other Than Bitcoin” and as Bitcoin has been the top performing asset of 2020, as well as the best performing asset class over the past 10 years, his statement may prove to be true.

Today Raoul lives in the Cayman Islands and manages his finance channel Real Vision. It is worth noting that while Real Vision covers all things finance related, including Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, his team is also in the process of launching  Real Vision Crypto, will no doubt have a larger focus on the crypto space. As they call cryptocurrency “the biggest revolution in finance since derivatives”, Raoul is someone that anyone interested in crypto should check out.

YouTube: youtube.com/RealVisionFinance
Twitter: @RaoulGMI
Website: realvision.com

Anthony Pompliano

 As the co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is the host of ‘The Pomp Cast’ with over 118k subscribers on YouTube, it is one of the most popular podcasts in the crypto space on investing, technology and finance. If you head over to his YouTube channel you will find hundreds of full episodes from The Pomp Cast where Pomp interviews hundreds of experts on Blockchain, tech and finance. Aside from The Pomp Cast, he does an (almost) daily quick update on crypto, finance, and popular news events called ‘Lunch Money’ where you get the full rundown in under 20 minutes.

So who is Pomp? In his earlier life he was no stranger to tech as he worked as a product manager for Facebook leading the growth team for Facebook Pages, while at the same time serving as a growth leader at Snapchat. Their he helped launch several products such as the AMBER Alerts and Voter Registration. But, in the crypto space he is best known as an American entrepreneur and investor. Today he is the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets which is a hedge fund that specializes in digital assets and blockchain technology. You can find him active on Twitter, or watch his daily updates on YouTube. Pomp is an interesting guy and someone whose opinion is valued within the crypto community.

YouTube: youtube.com/AnthonyPompliano
Twitter: @APompliano
Website: anthonypompliano.com

Digging Deeper

Market Cycles (w/ Mike Maloney), Gold Vs Bitcoin Debates (/w Peter Schiff vs. Erik Voorhees), and Bretton Woods 2.0 (w/ Raoul Pal)

If you want to dig a bit deeper, and learn about market cycles, what makes Bitcoin a good money, and where our current monetary system is headed, then Mike Maloney has a great series on YouTube called ‘The Hidden Secrets Of Money‘ that I would highly recommend every Bitcoin investor watch, or interested person watch. Mike is the founder and owner of GoldSilver.com, and widely known as the author of his best selling book ‘Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver’, currently the best selling precious metals investment book of all time. The goal of this series is to teach how money actually works, and is packed with facts and economic princiaples that are not taught in schools, that most are unaware of.

Next in our list of videos, I would recommend ‘Is Bitcoin the Future of Money? Peter Schiff vs. Erik Voorhees‘. Peter Schiff is a well known gold bug in the gold community, he is an American stock broker, investment manager, radio personality, author, and outspoken advocate for investing in gold. Erik Voorhees is well known in the crypto space as an American entrepreneur who founded the bitcoin and crypto exchange ShapeShift. In this video they go head to head in a moderated debate over Bitcoin Vs Gold, and why each think their choice makes for a better long term store of value.

Lastly, we have what I would call one of the best recent videos on bitcoin and  the current global economic situation we are all currently facing. In this video Raoul explains why he thinks Bitcoin may be the best investment in our lifetime, and where current monetary policy is heading. He talks about the IMF, central bank digital currencies, inflation, and what could be a new bretton woods agreement due to failed monetary policies around the world.

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