Proof of steak coins Vs Proof of work coins

Another Work in Progress article.

What is Staking

What is PoW

What is PoS

What is DPoS

What is Minting?

What is Mining?

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Proof of Steak Coins


Holding any amount of NEO in your wallet automatically generates GAS, and your NEO wallet does not have to be online for this to happen. Currently GAS is generated at 3.85% of your NEO holdings –

* No minimum, Neon wallet works great with Linux and Windows, no need to be online!


There are currently two ways to stake with PIVX. Method 1: Running a Masternode, which requires 10,000 PIV. The return is about 4.8 percent. Method 2: Staking your PIVX, which has no required minimum, but requires you to keep your wallet active. –

* 1 PIVX = about $5.50 * 10,000 = $55,000 but you can always Stake With Method 2! Wallet must remain open to stake.
* Nice easy to use wallet, works on linux and windows.


5-tiered masternode system, with the first level requiring investment of 1,000 DIVI. Masternode calculator shows 60-100% annual rewards.

* 1,000 coins to run a masternode, current price is around $3.30 per coin.
* Wallet is not out yet, must hold DIVX in MEW for now.


Dash is not actually POS, but Proof of Service. Holders of Dash can stake a minimum of 1,000 DASH and run a masternode. DASH has an annual return of 7.5% plus the price appreciation reward of DASH.

* 1,000 Dash is around $500,000 @ $500 each. Most people will be a little short.


Lisk uses delegated Proof-of-Stake, meaning only the top 101 delegates are able to stake coins on this network. The delegates are voted on a rolling basis by the community, where 1 LSK equals 1 vote.

* You can also earn Lisk just by voting for delegates.


NAV Coin offers up to 5 percent yearly return in investment for staking using a desktop wallet. Returns will soon be reduced to 4 percent.

* Profits from staking NAV are said to show up randomly, taking sometimes months for the reward.


There is no cap for amount to be staked and the rate of interest is about 5 percent per year on the desktop staking wallet.


Stratis offers returns of only 0.5-1% for staking using the StratisX Wallet. –



The main rewards come from staking which according to CloakCoin amount to 6% annually. No minimum.

*Must login to wallet monthly to stake? Linux wallet is hard to setup!



ARK (Soon)

* No need to be online

Proof of Work Coins