There are now thousands of different crypto coins to chose from, and many people believe that 90% of cryptocurrencies are likely to fail over the next few years.

Lets face it, nearly every white paper is amazing, with some truly amazing and innovative ideas. But thus far, most are just speculation. Here I would like to put together a list of “Real Coins” meaning, coins that are past the speculation phase and offer an actual product or service with real world use.

In the comment section below, feel free to list your favorite cryptocurrency that offers real world value (currently) with a short summary of what it does and the product or service it provides.

(Valuable comments will copied into the article, with credit to the author of course)

I will start with:

Bitcoin: Bitcoin offers real world value as the most popular decentralized payment method. There is currently a large and growing list of companies, as well as individuals that accept bitcoin for goods and services. Bitcoin has paved the way for blockchain technology, giving it both ‘first mover advantage’ and years of built up trust among users and investors. Being the most popular household name in the industry and having built up that trust factor over the years, Bitcoin is likely to be around for many years to come.

Ethereum: The real value here is the fact that so many other ERC20 coins rely upon Ethereum’s codebase. There are currently thousands of ERC20 tokens, and they all require ETHER to move, this alone adds huge value and real world use to Ethereum. Many of the top 50 coins on are ERC20 tokens, without Ethereum, most of the alts would simply be no more. Aside from the fact that ETH holds up over 5,000+ ERC20 tokens, allows any developer to create their own smart contract, or launch their own ICO, Ethereum is often in the top three for payment methods offered by merchants.